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1. Skydesigns Photography and Graphics Skydesigns Photography and Graphics

Skydesigns is now accepting Custom orders for your graphic needs. We can do almost everything including logos, profile pics, clothe designs, Vehicle textures, product designs and store graphics. also we are able to websites to any specifications.

2. K-Boo Mall for Builder's K-Boo Mall for Builder's

Our Mall offers quality sculpts and textures to builders and creaters in SL we offer Full Perm Sculpt Kits and Texture Sets, we also take custom orders, always full perm. Exclusive orders available.

3. Sacred Skins Sacred Skins

Sacred skins is a male only skin store in Second Life.

4. Absolut creation Absolut creation

Creator of CLOTHES DRESSES vinyl latex and classique. specialiste of TGA templats for fashion makers and skin makers, creator of textures in TGA and photoshop format for your creations.

5. Dew Me Furniture Dew Me Furniture

The absolute best Sculpts in second life for your every need. Building has never been so easy and fun. Come down and Dew yourself a favor.

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