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1. Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple

A gorgeously landscaped sanctuary for relaxation and peace. We have a small shop in which articles for sale will be added frequently and lots of space for roaming and relaxing. Meditation points, Yoga mats and picnic blankets are spread throughout the sim to use. We also have two rooms for rent in which lectures may be held, yoga classes, spiritual gatherings, meditation lectures or the like. We hope you will enjoy your stay.

2. IAPL Security Force

SecondLifes Realest Security, We Don't Roleplay. Professional Sim Security provided to numerous Universitys private sim Owners, and Business Owners within SecondLife. We pride ourselves on knowledge, knowing how to properly deal with the many classifications of griefers allow the SL citizen to feel safe. All officers are age verified, TOS tested, classroom trained, and shadow police before given any said rights. We will never use guns, or props of intimidation, rather use our kindness and understanding.

3. Melody Star Paradise

Beautiful island with luxury apartments and shops, and art gallery. We have a wedding cathedral and a proposal gazebo. It is the perfect place to live, shop and for romance.

4. Israel island

Israel Island presents a comprehensive Israeli experience featuring: Seminar Hakibbutzim College, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Eilat, Caesarea, the holy places of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Religions, a fully communal Israeli village and much more.

5. Aljon Christian Community

Come and Fellowship on Wednesday mornings 11:00 am SLT as we discuss the various aspects of what abundant life really mean. You can IM me Justus Aljon for more information.

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