IAPL Security Force
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I am very pleased to write to you our recommendation of the services and support of the IAPL security team inside Second Life.

IAPL has been working with Rockcliffe University Consortium now for over a year. They have shown themselves to be professional and enthusiastic in their profession. The IAPL team has gone above and beyond our expectations becoming involved in many of the community activities on our campus. They are hard working and always more than ready to help anybody with anything they can. There has been many incidences where IAPL has proved their service and the quality of the support that they provide.

I would certainly recommend IAPL for any Second Life security activities where enthusiasm, reliability, hard working and trustworthiness are valued.


Kevin Feenan
SL: Phelan Corrimal
President, Rockcliffe University Consortium

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by Bus Scientist, April 04th, 2012

When you arrive at the land of IPAL Security Force, you will discover that there is 4 large pieces of background of forests in the shape of square which surround the main office of the Security Force. The rectangular-cubed office has special glass used as the windows which has an important ...

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