Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple
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Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple
A gorgeously landscaped quiet and very peaceful sanctuary for relaxation, meditation and peace.
We offer building classes and German language classes for beginners.
Also we have a small shop in which articles for sale will be added frequently and lots of space for roaming and relaxing. Meditation points, Yoga mats and picnic blankets are spread throughout the sim to use.
We also have 4 rooms for rent in which lectures may be held, yoga classes, spiritual gatherings, meditation lectures or the like.
Each of the rooms comes fully furnished with a buddha altar, a quite unusual bookshelf and a rezzer to rez a classroom setup for 16 students.
The greeter near the TP area holds a gift which visitors may collect and yet another gift can be collected by new group members near the entrance of the temple.
We hope you will enjoy your stay.

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I felt my body start ...

by Lillianna Lionheart, September 24th, 2012

I felt my body start to relax the minute I teleported to the Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple grounds and found myself standing in the middle of a magnificent white marble pavilion. I know not everyone likes Second Life because it allows them to get away from the cares, worries and responsibilities ...

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Simply Stunning. The Sri Ganesha ...

by Aionea Resident, July 16th, 2012

Simply Stunning. The Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple is a place to total tranquility: a perfect oasis of calm to meditate or relax in. The Temple itself is a glorious build of white stone with much intricate detailing, sumptuous floor coverings, high ceilings and a welcoming atmosphere; offering a wonderful place in ...

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A beautiful sanctuary in a ...

by jpetrov Resident, June 20th, 2012

A beautiful sanctuary in a breathtaking location, the Sri Ganesha Hindi temple offers peace and tranquility to all visitors. It is the perfect place for a visit if you're in the mood for some gentle relaxation. Calm music caresses your ears as you step into the sanctuary, tempting any visitor to ...

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