Virtual Horizons Employment Agency
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Ad Boards:
If you are visiting as an employer wanting to list your openings, use the empty Ad Boards on the walls that you can rent. You may list as many openings as you wish on your note card follow the instructions that the board gives you.
Group Notices:
You can also send a notice to everyone in the job applicant group by signing up at Groupcast.
Employers Group:
We also have a group for Employers only as well; just contact Mystic Handrick (owner), Yonatan Whiteberry (officer) so we can add you to the group and you will be on top of all the latest information and all the services we can provide you as we progress.
If you have any questions please contact:
Mystic Handrick (VHEA Owner)
Yonatan Whiteberry (VHEA Officer)

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Everyone wants to earn money ...

by QueenAbrams Resident, September 16th, 2012

Everyone wants to earn money in Second Life just as they do in reality. Most people who are new to Second Life have no clue about earning money here. It's much easier than most people know. At VHEA you can find a number of listings to help you earn more lindens ...

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Nestled in Lionheart Scar is ...

by DaniBaxterr Resident, July 18th, 2012

Nestled in Lionheart Scar is the "Virtual Horizons Employment Agency", or VHEA if you prefer. Unlike most employment agencies, it's doors sit wide open to any newcomers that might be seeking assistance as if to beckon you inside. From this feature alone you can tell that you will be in the ...

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The main feature of this ...

by Hedson Anthony, July 04th, 2012

The main feature of this place is the possibility of good business. With architecture extremely modern and planner it provides the best places to get a job and earn money. There are employment agency where you can submit a resume and if you are an entrepreneur you can advertise at low ...

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