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1. RenderWorks RenderWorks

RenderWorks deals solely in high quality, opensource scripts, meshes and animations. Our products can be purchased for a small fee and then used for whatever purpose you wish.

2. MiceOnABeam MiceOnABeam

MiceOnABeam is a visual programming tool that generates LSL scripts for Second Life and OpenSim based worlds. You choose among graphical modeling components to specify the program flow of your script in terms of states and the events that transition between the states. You use the LSL Action Wizard or insert your own LSL code to specify what happens when an event occurs. The program then generates the LSL code for the model to form a complete script for your virtual world.

3. Kerhops Innovations Kerhops Innovations

Business and Personal Gadgets

4. Second.Futbol Second.Futbol

we are the leading soccer system in second life play soccer with your friends create a club team and a national team for free own teamspeak server for the best voice connection with your friends join a league / tournament / international tournaments / charity actions

5. Bright Corporation Bright Corporation

The Bright Corporation creates and sells quality products through our MegaShop store in Mizar, our AdultShop in McFarren, and a chain of outlets in every important mall across Second Life. We offer gadgets, vehicles, buildings, furniture, art and erotica. Bright Corporation Rentals offer over 450 rental homes to Second Life residents: from ground level apartments, through low-cost private, comfortable skyboxes, to floating luxury villas and self-build platforms for between $75 and $450 a week. We also undertake bespoke development projects for both corporate and private clients.

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