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Visual Scripting for the Second LifeŽ world!
For those New to Scripting:
- Draw your scripts graphically and have MiceOnABeam generate
most of the LSL code for you!

For the Expert:
- Manage complexity with Composite States to hide design details
- Simplify design with Group Transitions to specify events common
to several states.
- Measure and report script execution times of model components
automatically with Performance Analysis in the Professional Version!
With the MiceOnABeam visual scripting tool you choose among graphical modeling components to specify the program flow of your script in terms of states and the events that transition between the states. You use the built-in LSL Action Wizard or insert your own LSL code in the code editor to specify what happens when an event occurs.
The program then generates the corresponding LSL script and automatically integrates in your code to form a complete, ready to be deployed script for the SL environment.
For more information or to download the Free version, please go to the website.

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