Kerhops Innovations
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Welcome to Kerhop's Innovations featuring both Business and Personal Gadgets to enhance your Second Life experience!

RemindATimeV2 HUD - Online and Offline reoccuring event reminders for customers or yourself.

Catexgorize - Complement your existing texture organizer by pre-categorizing to subfolders in advance.

OctaPane Panorama - Enjoy beautiful scenery in your home within a full 360 degree sphere.

Sequentexture Service - Multiple texture animation resulting in longer videos without requiring Viewer2.

Visitor Source Tracker - Determine effectiveness of your marketing by tracking where visitors are coming from.

Walkpath Tracker - Determine which direction visitors are walking after arriving at your store.

Scriptless Box Info V2 - Show the price/permission of boxed items on a single prim without uploading new textures.

Survey Questionaire Kiosk V2 - Ask specific follow up questions and assist customers with finding products.

Trafficstat V2 - Optimize the layout of your store or sim with traffic information for each location.

Reviews of Kerhops Innovations

The following reviews has been written by Second Life residents:

I had a blast at ...

by QueenAbrams Resident

I had a blast at Kerhops Innovations, there is so much to see and do not a boring visit at all. I am amazed by the technology available and the prices are great as well. If you are a business owner or just want to gussy up your own personal space ...

Resident's screenshots:

One of the fun thing ...

by XxMixedEmotionxX Resident

One of the fun thing to do in second life would be building, and that thing would be the answer of every second life resident. For me building is the way to put all my creative ideas in something and make a few walls turn into something beautiful. I also enjoy ...

Resident's screenshots:

Here you will find amazing ...

by Bsukmet Stormcrow

Here you will find amazing gadgets for your business, and the word "Innovations" really defines this place. Take a look at the great OctaPanes, 360 degree texture displayers or the innovative PartiCrowd as well as other stuff that will help your business look different and fresh. Visitors can also try the ...

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