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1. Aztral's Airport Aztral's Airport

Bring your airplane, helicopter, airship or spaceship - rez and fly to many other OldWorld locations on the mainland. Lots of LL protected sims nearby to fly to. Find Terra Fuel, planes, airships, helicopters and spaceships from multiple vendors

2. Olds AFB Olds AFB

Olds AFB is the only modern combat sim supporting all classes of vehicles using the VICE combat system. We offer a low lag envoirment, a friendly team of admins and for beginners loads of freebees to start right away. On the top of that: we house the top brands of Sl which manufacture jets, tanks and infantry weapons for the VICE combat system.

3. The Arcanum

Do you like magic? The Arcanum is Second Life's one and only emporium of sorcery. Our products bestow your avatar with incredible magical powers and supernatural abilities. We also sell witches and wizard's wares, hats, clothing, cauldrons and more.

4. The White Armory The White Armory

The White Armory creates and sells highly detailed and unique Medieval apparel and a stunning array of weaponry. We also offer couture and MESH apparel. Unparalleled customer support and a full-sim store that hosts one of the largest collections of role play apparel and weaponry in Second Life. Weekly free giveaways, battlefield area and the gorgeous Knightlife level where you can lose yourself in a fantastic redwood forest. Come see what the others are talking about, The White Armory.

5. Threat Dynamics Threat Dynamics

Threat Dynamics is all about tactical firearm simulation. Currently, we have various ranges for you to sharpen your marksman skills. As well, we sell firearms and tactical products we like and know you will. Zombie Warehouse is now open and very creepy.

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