The Arcanum
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Do you like magic? There are whispers of a place hidden from prying eyes that specializes in a rather particular line of merchandise - magic!
The Arcanum is Second Life's one and only emporium of sorcery. Our products bestow your avatar with incredible magical powers and supernatural abilities! We also sell witches and wizard's wares, hats, clothing, cauldrons and more!
If you've ever wanted to bewitch your foes, charm your friends, hurl fireballs, throw lightning, conjure, hex and so forth - look no further. Come and browse our goods: read from the Book of Shadows and learn the ways of witchcraft or rub the Wishmaster's lamp and wish for the ultimate power! Practice your new powers by dueling your friends in our combat arena and more! Best of all, there are no constraints to your powers, you can use them anywhere in Second Life (within normal limitations, such as Build/Script enabled sims).
Why be normal when you can bewitch?

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I love this store. The ...

by Rain Rappaport, November 28th, 2012

I love this store. The castle outside and inside look awesome, the textures are just well done. I love how they set it up inside, walking around and down the hall ways you can see products they sell. The castle is huge, and has tons of stuff to look at and ...

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Perfect for this Halloween is ...

by Sodaen Resident, November 01st, 2012

Perfect for this Halloween is The Arcanum which is a parcel that is dedicated to the roleplay of the divine magics. The people I have found here seem to be some of the kindest people that I have ever met in Second Life and two of them actually took their time ...

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There are many characters that ...

by Luistache Resident, October 01st, 2012

There are many characters that you can play in Second Life. You can be a samurai, a pirate or a wizard. If you have chosen this last option, this review can be interesting. There is a shop specialized in sale of spells and witchcraft artifacts. It is not a simple magic ...

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