Olds AFB
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Olds AFB welcomes you.

No matter if you want to become a fighter pilot, a tank commander or highly trained infantry. Olds AFB is your place.

Are you sick of other combat places where you have to set your homepoint so you can participate in combat? Our system of choice is VICE which is fair and balanced and has all fighting units united under one system.

On the top of that: Olds AFB offers you everything to start right away for free! In our respawn points and vending area are freebees of reasonable quality aviable!

And if its not combat what you seek but highly detailed models of aircraft. Then Olds AFB is also for you. We offer the best brands on the grid:

E&I Air
Tracer Industries
Amok Dynamics

So come down to Olds AFB and give it a shot!
Our Admins are a friendly bunch and allways there to help out with all questions.

The Olds AFB Admin Team

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Reviews of Olds AFB

The following reviews has been written by Second Life residents:

Second Life has everything to ...

by Ourthas Resident

Second Life has everything to offer for it's modern age military role playing residents, and Olds Air Force Base has that everything. All that you can imagine on a real life Air Force Base, but without the drill instructors yelling in your face. From the barracks that a soldier would rest ...

Resident's screenshots:

The Olds AFB sim surprised ...

by yukoadam Resident

The Olds AFB sim surprised me at the detail and historically accurate additions. From the looming flag of the Soviet Union to the nuclear submarine docked just beside the hangars. As well as the extensive brush, multi-windowed two story homes, and small bunkers added to the landscape, there are endless possibilities ...

Resident's screenshots:

I enjoy and respect the ...

by QueenAbrams Resident

I enjoy and respect the military and the people who serve The United States of America. I also enjoy the rich history of the military and learning more about the sacrifice of service. Olds AFB is a great place to come and not just visit but to learn and immerse yourself ...

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