Kamala Animations
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Kamala Animations has 1000's of animations for you to choose from.
The following information is a brief outline of what we do and what we can do for you.
Our animations are fluid and cleanly looped (unless not required) and we try to ensure that we provide the high quality our customers deserve. We tend not to concetrate on static poses or motion capture, but on providing everyday motion to liven up your interactive game experience, both in normal situations or gaming roleplay.
Our animations come in different permissions and custom work can be requested with non exclusive or exclusive rights. (Please see my picks for details)
We welcome anybody who wishes to test out our animations to come along to our store.
Our store is cleanly divided into sections to make your search more easy. Each section can be navigated by using the instore 'touch for TP' map or by using the lift in the centre of the store. The store is divided into 2 floors, PG on the lower floor and adult on the upper floor.
All types of animations for your everyday needs
Child/Toddler/Prim Baby animations also with parents
Vehicles - horse riding/wagons/kayaking/chariots
Weapons - guns/rifles/swords/spears
Wedding - alter/kiss/exchange rings
Romantic - kisses/cuddles/loving
Chores - cleaning/trades/wok/Gorean/modern/kitchen
Sex animations - Including couples/threesomes/lesbian/gay/BDSM/slaves
plus many many more animations for you to use and enjoy.

MetaBiz Reviews of Kamala Animations

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Kamala Animations caters to both ...

by Coletta Criss, September 09th, 2012

Kamala Animations caters to both builders and regular consumers alike. The layout of the store is easy to maneuver, with plenty of space for avatars to move around without feeling clustered. The product display boards are distributed evenly on any given wall, with large enough text, and clear description of what ...

Shopping for animations in Second ...

by QueenAbrams Resident, September 09th, 2012

Shopping for animations in Second Life can be a hassle due to the high amount of Avatars located on the sim. At Kamala Animations you are able to enjoy your experience without 15 people waiting in line around you to try the same thing. Large selection of animations is a plus. ...

Resident's screenshots:

High Jelbury Sim houses the ...

by Ehecatl Nyoki, May 10th, 2012

High Jelbury Sim houses the talent of Sheena Kamala, who has created a state of the art store to display her amazing animations for every day chores in your virtual world. When you arrive at Kamala Animations, you will find a big, well organized, airy store; At the front desk a ...

Resident's screenshots:

A paradise of animations! It ...

by paradossale Bellic, April 17th, 2012

A paradise of animations! It is a Sim where you will find every type of animation, there are more than a thousand of animations for you to choose from. In fact, here there are weapon animations for Medieval or Gorean role play, couple cuddle and sex for shower, bathtub, bed, lounge ...

Resident's screenshots:

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