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1. Medley Builds Medley Builds

We offer prefabs and architectural elements based on Shekhawati designs form India. we are offering mansions. mini palace, houses and shop. Also on sale are wall panels, arches, pillars and domes. Launching Mesh Products based on Architecture from India

2. RenderWorks RenderWorks

RenderWorks deals solely in high quality, opensource scripts, meshes and animations. Our products can be purchased for a small fee and then used for whatever purpose you wish.

3. OFEQ           OFEQ

We produce a wide range of products from finely crafted sun glasses, to epic towers of grand proportions. We offer products for several different needs. Our low prim business structures offer a low cost solution for startup businesses that may not have larger plots of land with hi prim counts. On the other end of the spectrum, we offer highly detailed structures, such as our fantasy lineup, of epic and breathtaking castles and towers. Gadgets and toys are also on our list of quality products.

4. Mesh Testers Mesh Testers

Mesh Testers is a full mesh store that sells Full Perm items such as shapes, furniture, architecture, and miscellaneous objects that may be appealing to you.

5. MESH Agency MESH Agency

MESH Agency is a profesional 3D mesh service agency. We find talented and reliable 3D creators to bring you ideas to life.

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