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1. Henmations - Dances & Animations

Providing the most realistic motion captured Animations for Second Life. Dances, Couples Dances, Dancepoles, Dance HUDs, Animation Overrider and more.

2. Animazoo Animations Animazoo Animations

Animazoo Animations have been creating dances, AOs, Dance HUDs and many other high quality animation products in SL since 2007.

3. Matahari Riviera Shopping & Leisure Matahari Riviera Shopping & Leisure

Original designs in ladieswear by Tanya Matahari for Matahari Style. Partywear, formal gowns and casuals. Specialist in skating attire and supplier of equipment and animations for ice and roller skating.

4. Kamala Animations Kamala Animations

Kamala Animations has 1000's of animations for you to choose from. Our animations are fluid and cleanly looped (unless not required) and we try to ensure that we provide the high quality our customers deserve. We tend not to concetrate on static poses or motion capture, but on providing everyday motion to liven up your interactive game experience, both in normal situations or gaming roleplay.

5. Gothica"The Darker Side of Clothing" Gothica"The Darker Side of Clothing"

Goth Clothing line that includes accessories, Heels, skins, shapes and great quality clothing for low prices. This is more of a Casual Goth fashion so you don't have to be dolled up all the time just to be your gothy self. We now also Have clothes for Men and Women along with heels, skins & shapes, Styling cards, static poses / modeling poses.

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