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This review has been posted by Roy Philbin, owner of Second Commerce Business Park:

We are a virtual worlds business solutions provider, working with RL companies and institutions. Among our projects are a virtual business park called "Second Commerce" and "Dresden Gallery", the internationally acclaimed art education project of the Dresden State Art Collections in Second Life.

We use SLBiz2Life, because we believe it to be the currently most sophisticated solution for inworld marketing. The guaranteed visitors program has helped us a lot in introducing new sites and services within SL in a very short time span.

And the SLPano 3D panorama views that can be embedded in any website are great tools when it comes to lowering the entry barrier for RL companies who are curious about SL, but reluctant to register right away and install the client.

Keep up the good work!

Michael Schumann, Founder and CEO,
SECOND INTEREST AG Virtual Business Solutions

This customer has joined SLBiz2Life and uses second life advertising services since February, 2010.
Testimonial posted on March 02nd, 2010.

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