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DuoTech is offering custom scripting services to SL Residents since 2008. It has employed 4 scripters in my RL office to work for my SL customers, and hence any project gets completed in less than half of the time it usually takes.
OFFICE HOURS: 9 PM to 7 AM SLT. I am available at other times with prior appointment. We are on Indian Time Zone.
We create custom scripts including external server interaction using php and mysql. Anything is possible! Contact me for quote.
Our clients:
FantasyWorldEstates. com (website supporting about 2500 rental boxes of FWE. It also includes currency exchange, market place like xstreet, news, ticketing system, live help, grid wide advertisements, forum)
Breedable horses - Awesome Breed Creations
SecondIsland. com (mainly concetrated on renting of lands by Second Island)
SLEventGuide. com (website where residents can list their events for a small fee)
AvatarsXchange. com ( highly advanced curreny exchange website)
AvatarsLikeUs. com (community website for residents inworld)
CandyHostingHub. info (website related to modeling, modeling applications, interviews and modeling schedule)
and the list goes on.
Anything is possible! Contact me and discuss your requirement.

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On a beautiful land encircled ...

by adolfa balestra, August 08th, 2012

On a beautiful land encircled by a beutiful lake, you will be welcomed by a hospital building on 3 floors well designed and functional. Differently from other places that we have see, in DuoTech is very simply have information for the service that we want or for contact directly the owner. ...

Sooner or later, a majority ...

by ve1ocity Resident, August 08th, 2012

Sooner or later, a majority of Second Life residents are faced with the need of a scripting service to cater for their personal or business requirements. DuoTech is an expert scripting service that guarantees both speed and efficiency for all scripting needs. DuoTech caters for custom scripting, website integration, consulting services ...

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Offers you a great service ...

by fallenatalie Resident, April 30th, 2012

Offers you a great service with a huge diversity of services. when you Teleport to DouTech you have the opportunity to ride a scripted gondola that will show the whole store, The store has futuristic design and it's easy to follow their services. By entering the store you will be able ...

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