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This review has been posted by Patmatics Edelmann, owner of Patmatics SL-FunShop:

Dear SLBiz2Life Team,

I am running a fun shop which includes selling of gambling machines, skins for them, banner adverts for game rooms, neon banner adverts for everything and different kinds of clothing.

Currently I am using Web Banners, Guaranteed Visitors, In-World Devices and Rotation Banners services from you. I think those are useful services and i am happy about using them. In the future i think they will be very useful because i am thinking about expanding my business in second life.

As further recommendation for you i only want to recommend a german translation for your website because there are many germans in second life. I think many of them will join your community if they can use your services well.

Thank you for being interesting in my feedback.
Nice greetings Pat

This customer has joined SLBiz2Life and uses second life advertising services since February, 2010.
Testimonial posted on March 15th, 2010.

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