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1. Dolls Sanguinarius BloodBank Dolls Sanguinarius BloodBank

Sale and purchase of blood and lumen etc, tanks/prism, bloodlines items. To benefit from -20% off the store with each purchase, you only need to join the group, the membership is 50l$ once. We look forward to hearing from you.

2. Capital Exchange Stock Market Simulation Game Capital Exchange Stock Market Simulation Game

CapEx is virtual stock market simulation where you can buy and sell stock in virtual companies, and earn a profit. 28 companies now listed. Visit our website at Need a job? Looking to buy/sell Lindens at a better rate than through LindeX? Looking to advertise your business? Want free Lindens? Check out the Business Center in the stock exchange. Skip Oceanlane CEO & Majority Shareholder Capital Exchange (CapEx)

3. The Rock Trading Co.

The Rock is an all around financial institution. Formerly known as The Rock Insurance, it provides insurances on Second Life investments, investment funds, a stock exchange and a currency exchange. The Rock currently supports two different currencies: Lindens and Bitcoins, with more to come. Stock exchange has some unique features like smallest trading fees, no money locked in IPO, advanced trading platform. It's one of the oldest financial company in Second Life, under the same management since 2007.

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