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1. Everything Must Go Gacha Yardsale

We are proud to offer rentals at a rate of 1. 75L/per prim. While this is a one of the cheapest rates among full-sim Gacha resale yards in SL, we strongly feel that there are many great Sims on the grid to sell from. Come see if we’re a great fit for you :)

2. Mesh Testers Mesh Testers

Mesh Testers is a full mesh store that sells Full Perm items such as shapes, furniture, architecture, and miscellaneous objects that may be appealing to you.

3. Stormwalker Breeders

Pet store and breeder specializing in all breeds of BioBreeds and PlantPets. Common, rare, and elite all at competitive prices. Stud services also available. Stormwalker Breeders - "Expanding Families"

4. Cool Toys Cool Toys

All kinds of gadgets and toys for your SL world.

5. [LaZe] [LaZe]

[LaZe] sells quality modeled, textured and scripted items aswell as full perm mesh templates at fair prices. We offer full customer support and customization.

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