Everything Must Go Gacha Yardsale
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Are you a gacha reseller or buyer that's tired of shopping or renting sale space on crowded, unorganized Sims? Are you sick of selfish landowners that donít advertise their own Sims and leave all the work to you? Have you had enough of spending lindens on expensive spaces with low sales? Buyers, are you exhausted with endlessly wandering around lost on chaotic Sims where you canít find anything? And being overcharged due to low seller sales? If I've got your attention, then Everything Must Go Gacha Yardsale Sim is the place for you.
Sellers we offer you rentals as low as 88L a week for 50 prim on our Moderate sim. We will never tell you what you can and canít sell. At EMG we care. Our team does extensive advertising for the sim generally, and randomly highlighting our merchants on social media outlets. We work with our renters to ensure a productive, lucrative selling environment that encourages high traffic and high sales.
Shoppers we offer you the chance to peruse our lovely, landscaped sim at your leisure. We've taken the time to develop a great layout that is built to allow you to become familiar with all your favorite shops and booths quickly. Our land is designed to reduce lag and slow loading to enhance your experience. Our merchants donít overcharge you. And we donít overcharge our merchants. Gacha is supposed to be fun & profitable. and not a stressful money pit, whether you buy or sell. At Everything Must Go, we live by that and aim to give buyer & seller, the best place to do what you love. No crazy rental fees. no chaotic and laggy sim to deal with. For 88L a week you get to make money, We make sure Everything Goís

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