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1. Gothicute Gothicute

Gothicute works toward making cheap pastel goth and gothic clothing for kids. We pride ourselves by making sure that our clothes are cheap and easy to wear. Visit us on Marketplace or In-World.

2. Zoobatos Zoobatos

Full Perm Mesh developer for Toddleedoo, Tweeneedoo and adults.

3. Bang. Vinyl Figures Bang. Vinyl Figures

Bang. Vinyl Figures: Your favorite parody characters of TV, Movies, Comics, Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Much more in the form of collectible Vinyl Figures in Second Life.

4. Twinkle bits Twinkle bits

Kids clothes and seasonal themed outfits. Furniture and toys, stuffed toy animals, plushies and accessories.

5. Calma Creations Calma Creations

Calma Creations is a variety of furniture and decor for your home or office.

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