Twinkle bits
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Apparel and accessories designed for children, comfortable, colorful and cute outfits! Fits both tots and teenagers, boys and girls collections available!
Furniture designed for kids as well as toys and accessories, footwear and other bits and pieces.
Wearable stuffed toy animals, teddy bears, elephants, giraffes and ducks with cuddle or hug animations built in.

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Everyone loves to shop for ...

by lollipuff Resident, January 15th, 2013

Everyone loves to shop for great clothes, great accessories and great body parts here in Second Life. If you are wearing something fashionable, elegant, classy, with style and with soul, the people will ask, “Where did you bought that?” or “you are so cute in that one” and the mostly answer ...

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Twinkle Bits is a children’s ...

by ZoeyPenelope Resident, January 12th, 2013

Twinkle Bits is a children’s clothing store located within Second Life. The store sells a good variety of outfits so you will definitely have a plethora to choose from. When you first walk into the main door at Twinkle Bits you will see three different adorable dresses. These dresses would be ...

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Coming here to Twinkle Bits ...

by Lizzah Petrovic, January 06th, 2013

Coming here to Twinkle Bits has awoken the little girl inside me again. This store seems to have a magical influence on you to make you think back about your childhood and all the things you wish you could have had when you were still a little boy or a little ...

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