The Perfect Gift
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The Perfect Gift offers many easy-to-follow tutorials for designers about jewellery making, texture creation, scripting, making sculpts, mesh, sound, and more.
We have an ever-changing array of sculpt maps, metal & gem textures, and sculpted charms and pendants. Come play on the avatar animations - many of them humorous like 'Head-Spinning Headache' and 'The Chicken Dance' This store was created to help designers create their own products. 'Highest quality at affordable prices'
Calla does some custom work.
All products are money-back guaranteed.
Across the street, is Calla's jewellery store with costumes and odds and ends
Calla teaches free classes behind the store

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When you don't know how ...

by JohnGeorgeCooper Resident, February 11th, 2013

When you don't know how to build then you surely need to visit this store. Here you can be taught about the beauty of building in Second Life. Building is not the only thing that they offer here. You can learn all things about animations, textures and even sculpting. So especially ...

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Valentine's Day is coming soon ...

by Bsukmet Stormcrow, February 11th, 2013

Valentine's Day is coming soon and you need to find something special for someone special. That is why I choose The Perfect Gift. The name of the store speaks for itself. This is one of the most complete stores I have seen in my entire Second Life. Here you will find ...

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The Perfect Gift is a ...

by ZoeyPenelope Resident, February 10th, 2013

The Perfect Gift is a store in Second Life that sells jewelry and gifts. The store is very elegantly laid out and has some amazing items for sale. The first items for sale that caught my eye are the absolutely adorable animations. There are animations for flirting, kissing, and even a ...

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I grabbed my mittens, put ...

by Lizzah Petrovic, December 26th, 2012

I grabbed my mittens, put my hat on and stepped into my snow boots this morning to have a walk towards a shop called The Perfect Gift. The owner, Calla Cela, immediately welcomed me into her warm, cozy shop to have a look at what she has to offer to designers. ...

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