Niamhinations & Dragon Designs
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We have combined Niamhinations poses and animations and Dragon Designs textures and goods into one store.
Niamh Kleiner creates the poses & animations.
Dragon Oanomochi creates most everything else.
Thank you for choosing Niamhinations! Your source for original, high quality poses and animations! If you're a creator, a roleplayer, a collector or someone who just likes to look awesome on the grid, we've got what you need.
Niamhinations! has well over a 1000 poses & animations in many categories and growing.

Dragon Designs offers a huge selection of Original Full Perm Textures in many categories.
Dragon Designs Textures are presently only available here on the Second Life Market.
Also, Furniture, Clothes, Gorean Brands and more for Building, Creating, Home, Garden, Avatar Appearance, Fashion & Art.
These textures are created and uploaded to Second Life by us. Absolutely no rips, freebies or stolen textures.

At present we do not do custom work, but we are always open to your suggestions. So feel free to IM us or drop us a notecard. Thank you again, and do come by and see us soon!
Thank you
Niamh Kleiner & Dragon Oanomochi

MetaBiz Reviews of Niamhinations & Dragon Designs

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Niamhinations and Dragon Designs are ...

by CW Washborne, February 04th, 2013

Niamhinations and Dragon Designs are two complimentary shops in the same area with Niamhinations offering a wide range of animations and poses and Dragon Designs offering a range of items and textures. Both are well designed with a sensible layout making the Second Life shopping experience an easy one. Very good ...

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It's the little details that ...

by Kay Holmeforth, December 20th, 2012

It's the little details that make this store a go-to place. When you arrive, you are faced with an ad board full of choice group joiners - on top of which, a little frog does a dance for you, doffing his hat in a very gentlemanly way. Beside that, you have ...

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This place is filled with ...

by Gazed Resident, October 18th, 2012

This place is filled with lucky chairs, midnight manias and gifts such as a lucky dip. It also contains some free animation overrides for both genders. I'd recommend this place to new and older residents as there is plenty to look at and purchase. The location is laid out professionally, it ...

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