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1. Atomic City Atomic City

The Atomic City experience begins here in the Outlands. This role-play and quest gaming experience spans two-sims and is chock-full of hours of game-play experiences for you to enjoy with your friends.

2. Cosmos Master Cosmos Master

A game to Learn, to Play, to Earn and GET PAID

3. Zombies. Game Zombies. Game

The Zombies are taking over. Join us now and help destroy them from all existence. Stock up on our large variety of ammunition. Get our free Zombies. HUD, Tag and Crosshair pack.

4. Olds AFB Olds AFB

Olds AFB is the only modern combat sim supporting all classes of vehicles using the VICE combat system. We offer a low lag envoirment, a friendly team of admins and for beginners loads of freebees to start right away. On the top of that: we house the top brands of Sl which manufacture jets, tanks and infantry weapons for the VICE combat system.

5. MCM System MCM System

Fully custom SL combat system that is based off many popular mecha style games. Providing fast passed action to SL.

1...5 6...10 11...15 16...18

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