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16. MyTunes Media Player

Provides products and services for playing mp3s and other media in Second Life including free Web Storage for music and videos

17. Riffs Jazz Club

A cool, urban grunge jazz club with live DJs, Presenters and live musicians and singers. All kinds of jazz covered from be bop to nu cool and anything in between, with regular DJs and a great atmosphere

18. Smokey Joe's Cafe Smokey Joe's Cafe

Largest family oriented club on sl.

19. Born Music Lounge Born Music Lounge

Exclusive club with life djs

20. Kerk's Shoutcast Stream Kerk's Shoutcast Stream

Are you DJ or artist looking for stream here? Kerk's Shoutcast Stream offers Shoutcast Stream for Dj's Clubs and Musicians. High Quality, Low Cost Stream. If you are tired from Cheap bad servers and the good server cost you a lot, with us you have them both. cheap and good server in one of the best servers in SL. Welcome to Kerk's Shoutcast Stream. Enjoy music 99. 9% Uptime. Support 24/7

1...5 6...10 11...15 16...20 21...25 26...30 31...34

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