MyTunes Media Player
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Provides products and service for people to view and listen to their personal media in Second Life.

The MyTunes Media Player allows you to play YOUR music in Second Life.
* Easy set-up - start playing music in just minutes
* FREE 2GB storage locker (approx 400 tunes) immediately
* Upon request, get a FREE UPGRADE to 10GB (approx 2,000 tunes) within about 10 days of requesting.
* Listen to your music everywhere - on the phone, the Web and Internet radio devices
* mp3, WMA and other formats supported (even in Second Life)

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MetaBiz Reviews of MyTunes Media Player

The following reviews has been written by Second Life residents:

Naughty broadcast and loud music ...

by PsiOdorek Runo, October 13th, 2012

Naughty broadcast and loud music for is for one person, but calm auditions with smooth music are for other person. Witch kind of music to chose and to serve in place where you live or where you have your own business? This dilemma appears in almost every wise Second Life's head. ...

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There is something going on ...

by FeralSkye Resident, August 10th, 2012

There is something going on in the background of practically every area you visit within Second Life. Usually, when you first arrive at a new place, you probably receive a pop up message asking you to allow for this activity to happen. Maybe, like most, you click on the allow without ...

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Music makes the world go ...

by Kerby Lusch, March 02nd, 2012

Music makes the world go round and MyTunes MP3 Players & Radios keeps the music rolling, inside AND outside of Second Life. I stopped into their location at Scorze to find out the details. Are you a music fanatic with a massive play list? They have a package for you. Do ...

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