Medley Builds
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Medley Estates, owner of “Shekhawati” island, proudly announce the opening of a prefab store, named Medley Builds on Dec 11th at 8:30 PM SLT. The store will sell prefabs and architectural elements based on the beautiful and exciting builds of Shekhawati island. Shekhawati is a region in Rajasthan, India famous for its fresco paintings on the walls of mansions, palaces and forts. The region is also known as open art gallery for its beautiful fresco paintings and architectural designs.
The Shekhawati island was launced in June 2009. The launch almost coincided with the grand fashion show organised by Maniera Magazine; the theme for which was Indian Bollywood, featured in the June 2009 edition of the magazine. The island has an art gallery showcasing modern and classic paintings from India and also the works of other artists of Secondlife from various countries.
It is the first time authentic art and architecture of India is displayed in Shekhawati and now residents of Second life can own and enjoy these beautiful builds and architectural elements like arches, pillars, wall panels, fresco paintings on the walls, balconies, railings etc to build their own dream luxury house with excellent photo realistic textures based on the photographs taken by veekay Navarathna, owner of Shekhawati and Medley Estates.
The designs of Shekhawati region. More builds will be introduced in the luxury range to give the residents that royal feeling of 18th -19th Century Rajasthan.
Also now launching Architectural elements using mesh technology
Come and savour the unique surroundings and exquisite textures never ever seen in Secondlife

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