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6. Charisma Tropical Rentals Charisma Tropical Rentals

Hi, thank you for your interest in our new communityCharismaTropical Rentals. Please feel free to come and walk around. We offer furnished homes small and big, nestled on a quiet island, you have to see for yourself the waterfalls, tiki bar, and much more. If interested in renting please just click on the rental box on the home of your choice then go to the office located on sim and send us a message, So you can get your group invite. Smoochies and hope to meet you soon. Hotskorpion Charisma

7. High Life Rentals High Life Rentals

High Life Rentals have skyboxes to suit everyone from 60/week to 999/week. From multi-scene Holodecks up to full sim Superdomes. The only multi-scenes where you can move and delete the furniture.

8. Darling Estates Rentals Darling Estates Rentals

Darling Estate Rental Community is an upscale living experience in Second Life. Limited rental units per sim, furnished and unfurnished homes, with privacy and protected views, make Darling Estates one of the choice locations for residential living in SL.

9. Integrity Heights Integrity Heights

We value our personal attention given to all our residents. We offer the best and most beautiful in lands from small parcels to full Sims. Discount packages available. Come and check out where you can find your dream land in Second Life.

10. Anshe Chung

The largest land provider in Secondlife. We provide everything from " first land" to full sims, both Homestead and Full Prim sims. Many different zoned areas as well as unzoned areas. We buy and sell L$ 24/7

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