Darling Estates Rentals
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Beautifully and professionally landscaped, our designed rental parcels come with houses (both furnished and unfurnished) of different types and sizes to fit your needs. We limit the number of rentals in each sim to ensure that your living experience is not disturbed by overbuilding. No clubs or breeding farms are permitted in our residential areas, no bots, no excessive pets or scripted objects. All of our residents have full access to all public areas in the 6 residential sims, all waterways, and of course to the 3 dedicated ocean sims. At Darling Estates no expense has been spared to create our exclusive upscale community for the lifestyle you want and need in Second Life.
You get what you pay for. At Darling Estates you get much more than you pay for - Not the least being our 3 oceans sims for our tenants and guests. Privacy, protection, dedicated staff and management, a small set number of neighbors, it really is one of the most unique and luxurious residential communities available.

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