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Anshe Chung Studios is a company that emerged from inside a virtual world. By mere reinvestment of value created within virtual worlds, it has evolved into a multimillion US$ operation.

Driven by curiosity, our founder Anshe Chung decided to test in early 2004 if working in the economy of Second Life could sustain the real life of a person - a young boy in a developing country. She supported him by selling Linden dollars earned by providing services for other residents. In 2006 Anshe Chung became the first avatar with a net worth exceeding 1 million US$. She has lead a new wave of virtual reality entrepreneurs who have demonstrated to the world the very real profit-making opportunities that exist within virtual world economies.

Today Anshe Chung Studios maintains offices in the real world where it employs more than 80 people full time, and is extended by a huge network of virtual reality freelancers world wide. It hosts thousands of residents on more than 40 square kilometers of gated communities in virtual worlds, and in terms of sheer magnitude Anshe Chung Studios has developed more virtual property than any other Metaverse development company.

As consulting agencies enter the Metaverse to explore the 3D community market, ACS remains a steadfast catalyst of virtual creativity. The unique feel and flow of metaversal development (and the rapidly evolving socioeconomic mindset of virtual communities) is something we have lived for years.

Anshe Chung Studios is here to help you, as an individual, organization or brand, to reincarnate and reinvent yourself in the Metaverse. Our Metaverse development extends beyond the limits of reality in structures, thinking, and designs into a new world freed by imagination. Metaverse residents are not observers, but creators themselves, and we invite you to join our communities, melt into the Metaverse and become part of the fabric of change

Your first step into the Metaverse, an immediate virtual world presence, is an unequivocal message to your customers. As a leader in virtual reality business, Anshe Chung Studios knows how much time it can take to create a sustainable success story. To be a leader of change (not merely a witness to change), you have to evolve with the virtual community at a pace that makes even the Web look static.

Such a commitment to stay ahead of the pack requires affordable, scalable, state of the art development and continuous support resources. However you decide to enter the Metaverse- ensure that your entry into virtual territory is powered by Anshe Chung Studios.

MetaBiz Reviews of Anshe Chung

The following reviews has been written by Second Life residents:

Perhaps the greatest single thrill ...

by FeralSkye Resident, September 30th, 2012

Perhaps the greatest single thrill one can have within Second Life is having their own land. Being able to possess your personal little of Second Life connects you to this virtual world as no other thing can. And with it now possible to rent land for relatively low cost without the ...

Resident's screenshots:

Since 2005 Anshe Chung has ...

by QueenAbrams Resident, July 24th, 2012

Since 2005 Anshe Chung has been selling the grid, land wise that is. Now as one of the largest land holders and sellers in Second Life there is also a vast offering of locations if you are in the real estate market. One of the most successful and well organized land ...

Resident's screenshots:

First thing that rezz when ...

by Sheeana Seetan, February 05th, 2012

First thing that rezz when you land at Dreamland by Anshe Chung is beautiful castle. You are surrounded by tables that show which helper is online. It's really helpful, you don't have to search for any land by yourself, you just ask for it your helper and he or she will ...

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