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1. Sweethearts Cafe & Bakery Sweethearts Cafe & Bakery

Established August 2008. For Kids and Family. We have Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes, Candy to satisfy the worst SL sweeth tooth.

2. Love me tender Love me tender

The sim where Cupid buys his arrows is the place to buy romantic things for yourself and the one you love. All our products are created by ourselves, you will find only unique items at our romantic shopping sim.

3. Erika Delbonnel Style & Design Erika Delbonnel Style & Design

EDS&D born from my own needs to have good clothes, sexy dresses, nice shoes and more things, so I made all those things by myself and for myself, but when I finished, I thought why not sell all my designs? My products are based in my experience in SL and I don't made it to be rich, I made it thinking in a practicle sense and usefull. I think you will find here some good stuff to you and your business. If you want to know more about my products just send me an IM Erika Delbonnel

4. Electric Pixels

Second Life's Most Amazing Particle Effects

5. Dj Sarah Lu Diamond streams rentals & pets Dj Sarah Lu Diamond streams rentals & pets

Welcome to Dj Sarah Lu Diamond streams Affiliate whit sparrow industries to provide the best source in streams for you, our prices have 10 % discount over original sparrow table prices. Talk with me and I will set the stream as your needs. Server in US, 99 % uptime, reliable.

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