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1. Personalize Your Gestures Personalize Your Gestures

Get the most badass gestures in SL. Win $2000L with PYG in your profile picks so come on down and check out Personalize Your Gestures

2. GestureNation - Where fun shall be crafted GestureNation - Where fun shall be crafted

GestureNation focuses on making funny gestures, Because we always care to see you smile. :-) We only make packs, For affordable price.

3. ~:Snark n Stuff Gestures:~ ~:Snark n Stuff Gestures:~

:~ Snark n Stuff Gestures ~: Snark n Stuff is all about being fun. Whether you're clubbing or engaging in some verbal sparring with your friends, we've got an expression for you.

4. GUUD - Gwyn's Utterly Useless Devices GUUD - Gwyn's Utterly Useless Devices

Scripted and animated devices, HUDs for updating social networking sites through and HelloTxt, translators, dance bracelets with dances, cigarettes

5. Gestures By Brea/Brea's Closet Gestures By Brea/Brea's Closet

A large variety of gestures available for L$50. Name gestures are available from A-Z for L$65. Custom gestures can be made on request for L$75. Wide range of clothing from Western to Punk. Freebies are here too.

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