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21. KTC - Kimpa Tammas Creations KTC - Kimpa Tammas Creations

Scripts & objects for business & individual in English and French

22. SFW Industries SFW Industries

SFW Industries aims to create a Second Life experience that is appropriate for the corporate office environment. It creates and sells professional clothing, office furniture, accessories, realistic avatar bodies, and useful time-saving collaboration tools all in an office-friendly atmosphere which is safe for work-time browsing.

23. LEM Invest LEM Invest

LEM screens SL and RL for companies with interesting business concepts and ideas, helps them to develop a corporate strategy, engages itself financially or arranges financial solutions and helps them to achieve success in the market. Our goal is to become a leading investment company in SL and contribute with our economic success to find solutions to actual environmental problems in RL. Part of the benefits will go into the independent LEM Foundation. The foundations supports financially environmental projects and initiatives in SL and RL.

24. CasperTech Ltd CasperTech Ltd

The best selling business products in Second Life. CasperVend, the low lag, elite networked vending system - and CasperLet, our stylish, reliable rental system.

25. Blue Horizon's Country Blue Horizon's Country

Country & Western

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