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11. Rosalie Giano Multimedia Consulting Rosalie Giano Multimedia Consulting

Rosalie Giano Multimedia Consulting provides advertising packages and services to businesses or individuals who don't have the time to do it themselves or unaware of what all is available to them when advertising in Secondlife.

12. Chindogu Happiness Industrial Concern Chindogu Happiness Industrial Concern

We sell vendors, games, gadgets, and other gizmos, whatever strikes your fancy and is designed to make business owners and personal avatars happy.

13. Horse Feathers Ranch Horse Feathers Ranch

Ranch for Amaretto horses and K9s. We have rentals, auctions and many bundles and LEs for sale.

14. ArtiZan Creative Solutions ArtiZan Creative Solutions

= Helping You Build Your Business = Since 2008 ArtiZan Creative Solutions has been helping Second Life business owners establish, run and promote their businesses by providing creative, innovative scripted solutions to business organisation and development needs, and offering business advice, free starter scripts and marketing information.

15. Security Market Brokers

We are sponsored to offer online and virtual world learning for adults. Build Your Online Profile and Internet for Business give people a fast track to using the internet and social media.

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