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6. Xchange4LS

Buy and Sell Linden Dollar

7. Dolls Sanguinarius BloodBank Dolls Sanguinarius BloodBank

Sale and purchase of blood and lumen etc, tanks/prism, bloodlines items. To benefit from -20% off the store with each purchase, you only need to join the group, the membership is 50l$ once. We look forward to hearing from you.

8. ELDEXchange ELDEXchange

Worldwide operating financial service for virtual currencies (L$ and C$), supporting different currencies. Fast, easy, no risk, LindenLab approved, outstanding customer support.

9. Town of Socastee

Town of Socastee, is a RP, the town has Shops and Apartments for rent, Municipal buildings, Helping Hands (Donation shop) Role play schools the Town is operated by Socastee Group.

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