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11. Fantasy Rock Club & Mall

Fantasy Rock is the Hottest New Club in SL with the best DJ's in SL. Awesome atmosphere. Kickers. Greedy Table and Shopping for men and women alike. The Best designers in SL are right here waiting for you at Fantasy Rock. Fantasy Rock Club and Mall Featuring the best DJs and Hosts in SL along with the top stores your looking for. If you looking for a mall spot or job in the club contact Cheryl Baskein or angi Darkfire

12. SL Advertising SL Advertising

Welcome to SL Advertising, an alternative and extremely effective way to advertise your business in sl. We offer a very unique professional service to give you the maximum visibility for your business in second life.

13. Ads-o-Matic Ads-o-Matic

This object is Ads-o-Matic Box for business owners. Ads-o-matic is an automatic Second Life group advertisement/spam engine. Everything is simple and convenient. Develop your business with us.

14. Crazy's Bric-a-Brac Rummage Corner - Shops

Shops with female and male Designer clothes. Venue to enjoy shopping, find some bargain or just hangout with friends and chill. Group joiner to be not outdone on events and special offers. Beach and Barbequeue Area aside and random Fleamarket days. More Info at the Mall entrance.

15. Amped NightClub Amped NightClub

Amped Night Club is a chilled relaxing club Its all about the MUSIC. Top 40, Trap, Techno, EDM, House, Hip Hop, RnB, . Amped is seeking the best DJ's and Hosts. Come check us out.

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