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»automatic SL group spam engine«
Ads-o-matic is an automatic Second Life group advertisement/spam engine
Ads-o-Matic deliver your ad around the clock. We use the reliable Second Life bots which stay online for weeks.
Each bot controls various groups, and deliver your notice or chat IM in a proper time.
We provide hundreds of hand-picked groups( over a thousand) which allow sending spam notices and chat messages. Various sets available: Meeros, breedables, Midnight Mania etc.
We strictly follow Second Life TOS and use free-to-spam groups only!

MetaBiz Reviews of Ads-o-Matic

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Advertising is big business in ...

by QueenAbrams Resident, May 07th, 2013

Advertising is big business in Second Life, how can you reach an audience if you don't invest in getting your name out there? Ads-o-Matic has come up with an easy solution to a time consuming task. It is quite simple to get started, all you have to do is rent a ...

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Ads-o-Matic is an advertising agency ...

by ZoeyPenelope Resident, April 22nd, 2013

Ads-o-Matic is an advertising agency located in Second Life. This company offers boxes that you can rent to advertise your business with. Each box costs only $290L per week for forty-eight groups. This is an absolutely fantastic way to get your ad to a multitude of people, which will increase your ...

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