second life business card

I guess you must be wondering why you’re here, listen up recruit, I'm only going to tell this story once so pay attention!

Some radical mastermind had a plan to boost our military capabilities, so with private funding they created a new company (let's call them Company X, if I tell you their real name then I have a bonus waiting for me if I exterminate you). The idea was simple, use bots to create real avatars; that didn't work out so well.

I warned them that they wouldn't be successful, but why listen to me I'm just a mercenary. The experiments failed as I predicted they would; but none of us thought this would have happened. The test subjects didn't die when the test failed as we planned they would (we used prisoners on death row we didn't kidnap anyone), instead they mutated, they became stronger, faster and harder to kill. There were different types of them too, initially there were 3 but to date we count 6.

So what did they do? Send out a bunch of guys like me to capture them of course, and we did, but only 3 of us survived. We managed to round them up in a contained area, they heal themselves over time so we can't kill them completely, we can only knock them out and they stay that way for a day or so then we have to kill them again, and again.

However the 3 of us can't keep them suppressed, they seem to be healing faster and faster, they might break out soon if the situation isn't contained. So we created a task force called "Zombies!", that's why you're here, to help us keep them under control.

So, are you up to the challenge?

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