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The Museum of Computing is dedicated to the Beauty and Power of Intelligent Machines. From the first IBM mainframes to the latest integrated cloud-in-a-box, this labor of love provides a brief overview of the computation engines that run our Earth.
There are 2, 405, 518, 376 internet users in the entire planet, which is more than 33% of the entire population of Earth. This is a growth of 566% in the last decade. There are also 6 billion mobile phone users throughout the world. This is more than 84% penetration, unprecedented in the history of humanity.
Billions of people augment themselves with Google and Wikipedia multiple times each day. Our reach for information has become instantaneous. A touch across the screen of a device in our hands would bring up the entire collected knowledge base the human universe has to offer.
And behind these devices and services that augment our humanity are the foundations of computing. Servers, Storage, Networking.
All here in the Museum.

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