Zun Design
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~landscaper ~ sim design ~ land creator for hire. Im me for a price.
Garden: TONS of trees, trunk, waves, garden, water, foam, rocks, deco, ground cover, flower fields, wild, mega grass, sun ray, landscaping, kits, crystal, romance, fountain, tropical, spooky, Halloween, mushroom, bridge, rose, tulip, flexi grass, garden sounds, 1 prim plants, sculpt grass, flowers and plants, meadow, fields, botanical, flora, sim design, dandelions, fairies, ladybugs, gardening, palms, palm, beach, outside sim island and rocks. Waterfall, meditation, caves, sounds
Prefab: furniture, house, temple, arena, roman, gazebo, Indian palace, castle Fantasy, steam punk, medieval, Gor, sex scenes. couch, Egypt throne scene. Cuddle and sex rug, soft and with great details. Best fires with sounds on/off. Ethnic, Rugs, Fantasy, rp, Poses, Fur, Rug, Medieval, Role-play items, Fire, Fires, Pillow, Sofa, Cuddle, Medieval Arabic, gypsy tents, Moroccan, Persian, japan, fountains

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Zun Design offers a wide ...

by Quarantadue Resident, June 22nd, 2012

Zun Design offers a wide variety of landscaping choices to their customers. All the items displayed in Gaia Empire are for sale: come and take a look around, you'll surely find something to fall in love with. At the landing point, you can buy some very nicely made dollarbie plants to ...

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Zun Sahara is a designer, ...

by Sol Nagy, June 20th, 2012

Zun Sahara is a designer, all was he is doing is created by an interesting mind, full of good taste, by an architect and constructor, he can do any kind of theme in your land an you will get most of the items that he is making. He have an unique ...

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Do you want to decorate ...

by Luisak68 Resident, May 11th, 2012

Do you want to decorate your land with something unique and nicely done? If so, visiting Zun Design is a must-do. Most of the items for sale are low prim but of top quality, which is big plus in time of expensive rents. The store is really giant, most things sorted ...

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