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Moneyservers is an internet based service that provides you a safe and convenient way to store, buy and sell your Linden™ dollars in the Second Life® virtual world. Your account is absolutly free. Keep track of all your payments with our detailed transaction history in the members area.

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Everyone needs lindens in Second ...

by CandyBarker Resident, January 31st, 2013

Everyone needs lindens in Second Life to do shopping, buying or pay there rentals. Sooner or later we all need to buy lindens. But sometimes we get stuck thinking about the best places in Second Life to buy or sell lindens. It is difficult to find a reliable exchange company that ...

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I love to shop and ...

by QueenAbrams Resident, November 13th, 2012

I love to shop and try new things and new ideas for creating and in order to do that you need Lindens. Thankfully you can count on the services of Moneyservers to assist you in buying and selling your Linden dollars. If you are an avid bargain hunter like me, research ...

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