SmartBots: direct group invitation bots
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SmartBots service allows you to rent a Second Life group invitation bot, which would give out a direct invitation to all visitors of your parcel(s).

We host, maintain and keep running all your SmartBots on our servers! You just put a 1-prim Interface device on your land.

The SmartBots payments are weekly or you can pick one of our other payment plans, which offer an additional savings!

Rentals start from L$99/week!

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If you currently own a ...

by FeralSkye Resident, July 12th, 2012

If you currently own a business in Second Life, or are considering starting a business, one of the things you will be contemplating, is how to simplifly some of the essntial tasks. You will be wanting to focus your attention on the products or services your business will be providing. Even ...

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You have a place, club ...

by Dexterian Galicia, July 10th, 2012

You have a place, club or just meeting place for activities, but you don't want to sit in SL 24 hours everyday. You also want to invite people to the place when you are offline. There is a solution! Let the Artificial Inteligence do it for you, hire a SmartBot! SmartBot ...

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SmartBots is a company specialized ...

by Jaede Cahir, June 30th, 2012

SmartBots is a company specialized in renting out bots. These are fake avatars, controllable through various methods like a HTTP API and inworld HUDs. They can perform various automated tasks on behalf of the user, e. g. inviting people to join a group, wich is the main area of focus for ...

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