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Prepare yourself before coming to ...

by Damy Difference, March 24th, 2012

Prepare yourself before coming to this nice and elegant shop, you will spend some of the best shopping time in your Second Life's life. The shop is big and filled with an extremely large range of choices about any kind of dress, skirt, shirt or just a pair of high-fashion glasses. ...

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Beautiful store at a gorgeous ...

by arion Fanbridge, March 09th, 2012

Beautiful store at a gorgeous location! Fashion here is very diverse for women. If you're looking for cheap, affordable, good quality, female clothing and accessories then look no further than Yuli's! This store has lovely fashion for females all at low prices and in a decent atmosphere. The night time city ...

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Yuli Chic & Sexy Fashion ...

by Kelsey Moonwinder, February 04th, 2012

Yuli Chic & Sexy Fashion is awesome! There is so many cute clothes I just don't know what to look at first. There are things from dresses to purses to sunglasses. There is a wide variety of styles for any occasion. The clothes are also very nice. I definitely would buy ...

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