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This review has been posted by Kardargo Adamczyk, owner of KJ Racing:

The first month we are running the Guaranteed Visitors Program our revenue increased by 40%!! traffic count went up at least 15%!!!
By no means we receive this amount of immediate feedback from any other advertising program! and for a reasonable price!

saying we are happy with this service would be THE understatement of the year...
Service is great and accurate, Responses are fast....

If you are considering this way of advertisements, I can say DO IT, If you don't, And rely on other means of advertising you lose a lot of lindens with not 10% of the return you will get from SLBiz2Life.
Good luck, And may the lindens be with you...

Kardargo, KJ Racing

This customer has joined SLBiz2Life and uses second life advertising services since September, 2009.
Testimonial posted on November 04th, 2009.

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