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SLPano is an SLUrl replacement which exposes SL location to web visitors without launching SL viewer:

  1. Location name, description, web links
  2. Screenshots and images
  3. Interactive 3D View of your location in-world

How does the SLPano URL look like?

SLPano URL looks like this:

You choose a name to take, the URL free and life-long.

Is it similar to SLUrl?

Yes, it works in the same way, but allows you to expose much more info to your visitors. You can use SLPano URL while advertising your SL business using web banners (at XStreetSL, SLUniverse or wherever else).

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Usage and benefits

The main purpose of SLPano is to allow webvisitors to view your location information without launching SL viewer.

Use with web banners

If you advertise your SL location with web banners, you can use SLUrl. The disadvantage is that SLUrl doesn't give any useful info to the visitor except of the location name.

With SLPano URL, you can provide as much information as you need:

  1. Location name and description
  2. Links to your XStreetSL page and website
  3. Images of your goods
  4. Screenshots of your in-world location
  5. Interactive 3D View of your location in-world (read the next topic)

Easy, 100% FREE and life-long!

Creating SLPano URL is completely free. Uploading and updating all the info is also free!

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SLPano 3D View

SLPano 3D View is the unique feature which allows web users to see your SL location without launching an SL viewer!

Our photographer will create a 3D View for the location you specify: just put an order in your SLBiz2Life account.

Use 3D View at your website

After creating a 3D view, you can put it on your website, blog or wherever you want.

Complex 3D Views

3D View can consist of several locations linked together: check the examples section.

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The following SLPano URLs has been created by SLBiz2Life members.

Simple SLPano URLs

These SLPano URLs contain location information and images:

(click the business logo to open)

SLPano URLs with 3D View

These SLPano URLs contain 3D View, as well as text information and links:

(click the business logo to open)

SLPano 3D View with multiple locations

This SLPano URLs contains a multi-location 3D View. To change locations, click on the building entrances:

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How to create SLPano URL

To create your SLPano URL, create business owner account with SL Business Directory and register your business. It's 100% free.

After listing your business, click the "SLPano URL" link and specify the URL name you would like to get.

Create account

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These testimonials have been posted by customers who use this service:

Roy Philbin, "Second Commerce Business Park" owner, wrote:

We are a virtual worlds business solutions provider, working with RL companies and institutions. Among our projects are a virtual business park called "Second Commerce" and "Dresden Gallery".

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