"SL Search Analysis" Tool

"SL Search Analysis" tool

About "SL Search Analysis"

We offer an advanced method to track the business positions in Second Life Search: not only your one, but also their competitor's business positions.

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You specify the keywords, per business, to search for. Tool determines the position of each business, by searching these keywords daily and saves the position history for you.

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You will get the daily positions of your business saved. The example screenshots are shown below.

Graph stats

You can get the daily positions stats as a graph:

Table day-by-day stats

Or as a text table showing the positions and daily position change:

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The analyze service price is as low as L$999 (it includes a setup fee).


The price to prolong an existing order is only L$599 per month.

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How to order

To place an order, login to your SL Business Directory account.

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These testimonials have been posted by customers who use this service:

S0phie Sautereau, "s0c Enterprises -- S0phie" owner, wrote:

The Search Analysis is the most valuable tool SLBiz2Life offers. And it's free :) I've tried nearly all of the services except for the Fox Hunt. So far, there is no comparison to this site's services. They are effective at devising new marketing strategies for business owners, even those that aren't the norm in real life. No complaints!

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Warryn Aries, "Aries Luxury Apartments" owner, wrote:

I have already used the Guaranteed Visitors service and it really did work. You guys are doing great!

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Belenos Stardust, "Stardust Enterprises INC." owner, wrote:

I believe SLBiz2Life is helping me greatly on that quest for the best through its Guaranteed Visitors program! Our HQ on Yolo Island has had its traffic increase exponentially!

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