Ad Fusion Billboards for Publishers

Ad Fusion Billboards for Publishers

About Ad Fusion billboards

Almost everyone who has a parcel has thought about converting traffic to L$.

Ad Fusion billboards is a grid-wide advertising solution which allows you to display ads on your parcel and earn money.

Ad Fusion publisher program details

- Free to join
- 50/50% publisher payments (approx. L$7-L$50 per click)
- Instant payments
- Unlimited number of boards
- Copy, mod, transfer permissions


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Ad Fusion billboards is a solution which allows you to earn money just by putting the board on your land.

High payments

- Publisher receives 50% of the advertiser payment (up to L$50 and more per click!)
- Instant payments, no minimum payout
- Unlimited number of billboards

Exhaustive statistics

- SL names of residents who click your board
- Daily stats: clicks, views, CTR, earnings

Adjustable and attractive

- All billboards are modifiable. Resize to fit your ad place!
- Animated advertising: attracts more clicks

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Earnings and payments

With Ad Fusion you get paid per each click.

High payments

Publisher receives 50% of the advertiser's click payment.

This means that you earn L$6-L$50 and more per click! We have advertisers who pay L$200 per click.

Fair and clear

Exhaustive statistics of each billboard, including the SL names of people who click your boards.

Instant payments

No fees, no payment delays, no minumum payout! You can withdraw your earnings whenever you want!

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Earn even more!

By being Ad Fusion publisher, you don't need to search for advertisers anymore. But you still earn if you find one!

Refer advertisers

Each billboard has SLBiz2Life logo on it inviting residents to advertise with Ad Fusion. All business owners who click your board become your referral.

You earn up to 10% of all payments made by advertisers you refer!

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How to become a publisher

Becoming Ad Fusion publisher is easy and absolutely free.

Get your billboard now!

1. Grab Ad Fusion billboard at XStreetSL
2. Then create account with SL Business Directory


1. Create account with SL Business Directory
2. Download a board from your account

Become a publisher

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These testimonials have been posted by customers who use this service:

Luxor Nexen, "Luxor Gaming." owner, wrote:

Well this sure is the best around today for business and traffic, make sure your well stocked up and have plenty for them to do and they do come back!

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Ken Hatchuk, "Advertising Agency " owner, wrote:

My Advertising Business Was Doing Terrible In The Beginning, But When I Started Using Slbiz2life, I Started Getting More Traffic And People Started Advertising At My Advertising Agency.

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Cliff Chesnokov, "CC Designs Mall" owner, wrote:

I have been using SLBiz2Life for only a short amount of time just under a month i think, however my traffic to my mall has increased so much with it, and it also has brought in customers as the store owners have all reported great sales.

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