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6. .::::EmBelliSh Me::::. .::::EmBelliSh Me::::.

Personal shopper at your service and photostudio.

7. Security Market Brokers

We are sponsored to offer online and virtual world learning for adults. Build Your Online Profile and Internet for Business give people a fast track to using the internet and social media.

8. High Voltage Inc. High Voltage Inc.

We offer advance software solutions at a low cost, for a very fast pace and evolving world. Contact us today with your custom project. We work with any budget.

9. SalesTeam East LLC SalesTeam East LLC

Sales training for real or virtual business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales people. Working out regularly at SalesTeam improves your sales fitness, which produces the human behavior change required to generate increased sales results. Membership is affordable, and the training and coaching are awesome. Attend an introductory seminar to test it out for yourself.

10. Virtlantis (Free Language Learning) Virtlantis (Free Language Learning)

Virtlantis is a free resource and open community of practice for language learners and teachers in the virtual worlds of Second LifeŽ and OpenSim. We offer free informal language learning activities for a growing number of languages: English, German, French, Spanish, and more. All language learning activities at Virtlantis are free .

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