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"Shopping isn't just our passion, its our business. "
~ EmBelliSh Me Staff
Thank you for your interest in hiring a Personal Shopper.
Here at EmBelliSh Me, you will find experienced fashion stylists who been shopping in Second Life for many, many years. Our experience range from 1 to 7 years.
We are here to help assist you in finding the right product, item or clothing attire to make your Second Life the Best for YOU!
As a Personal Shopper our goal is to assist you in shopping as in teleporting you to numerous stores that sell the item or items that match what you are looking for. We will also offer our expertise advice on the item or items and making friendly suggestions. (If you prefer not to teleport to stores we now can offer links to Marketplace items for you to look over and purchase online)
Just let us know your preference on the questionaire notecard.

To hire one of us to assist you in your shopping endeavors, you will need to fill out the questionaire notecard located on the wall and drop the notecard into our mailbox. A fashion stylist will contact you to schedule an appointment for your 30 minute consultation. The cost for the consultation is $150 lindens payable to the fashion stylist at the time of the consultation.
During the consultation we will talk to you about your questionaire notecard and any further information you would like to add to the questionaire. We will then let you know how much it would cost to hire a personal shopper to assist you in your shopping endeavor.
Below you will find a list of what we specialize in.
Clothing - all types (including big bewbies)
Shoes - all types
Jewelry - all types
Hair - all types
Skin - all types
Animation Overrides - all types
Residential Interior design
Commercial Interior design. this is just a portion of what we specialize in.
If you do not see the particular genre your looking for still fill out the questionaire notecard, we CAN help you find what it is your looking for.
You will be EmBelliShed!

The Staff of EmBelliSh Me,
Misa Celiousa
Kishu Celiousa
Sabrina Irelund

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